Chairman’s Letter

Prof. Eduardo Ayesa

Prof. Eduardo Ayesa

Prof. Ignasi R.-Roda

Prof. Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda

On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committees we would like to invite you to attend the 8th IWA Symposium on System Analysis and Integrated Assessment (WATERMATEX 2011) to be held in San Sebastian (Spain). This event is the last of a long series of IWA Specialist conferences that started in London (1987) and continued in Durham, USA (1991), Budapest (1994), Quebec (1997), Gent (2000), Beijing (2004) and Washington (2007).

Since the beginning, WATERMATEX symposiums have been focused on promoting the application of a wide range of mathematical methods for solving water-related problems. Methodological approaches presented and discussed in WATERMATEX conferences are very diverse, including, for example, mathematical modelling and identification, optimisation, process monitoring and control, time-series analysis and forecasting, uncertainty analysis, decision support systems, soft computing, and so on, all of them oriented to better analyse water systems in a very broad sense, including drinking and wastewater, surface and groundwater and technical and natural systems.

Nowadays, mathematical modelling and computing tools are being applied more and more by an increasing range of water professionals. Consistent with this trend, the WATERMATEX 2011 Symposium targets people from research, consulting companies, institutions and operations involved in the practical and rigorous use of models and computing tools to support the understanding, management and optimisation of water systems. We anticipate that a significant representation of the state-of-the-art will be presented next summer in the Symposium.

Finally, we would like to remark that San Sebastian is a historic, scenic coastal town which offers an exceptional array of entertainment and culinary possibilities.  Please plan on attending WATERMATEX 2011. Here at CEIT and LEQUIA, we all look forward to meeting you personally in San Sebastian in June 2011!

Yours sincerely,

Eduardo Ayesa : Chair of WATERMATEX 2011
Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda: Vice-chair of WATERMATEX 2011

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