Workshops & Special Sessions

In the context of the 8th IWA Symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment, 3 workshops and special sessions will be held.

Sunday 19th June

The Use of Water Quality and Process Models for Minimising Wastewater Utility Greenhouse Gas Footprints.  Organised by the IWA Task Group on Greenhouse Gases.

Monday 20th June

The Role of Calibration and Validation in Wastewater Modelling. Organised by the IWA Task Group on Good Modelling Practice – Guidelines for Use of Activated Sludge Models (GMP).

Tuesday 21th June

Modelling Issues for Integrated Assessment and Water Resources Management of River Basins. Organised by Geoff Podger, Stefano Marsili-Libelli, Suzanne Pierce and Tony Jakeman.

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