Modelling Issues for Integrated Assessment and Water Resources Management of River Basins

The workshop is organised by Geoff Podger (, Stefano Marsili-Libelli (, Suzanne Pierce ( and Tony Jakeman (

When: Tuesday, 21 June 2010, 09:30-18:00

Where: San Sebastian (TECNUN). Room 1.

Registration: not necessary, entrance free.


Modelling is a fundamental part of the process of Integrated Assessment (IA) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) that typically involves hydrological, economic, social, ecological and participatory considerations in identifying management or policy options and in defining tradeoffs to support decision making.

Key issues that require more attention in the necessary integrated modelling and that this session addresses include:

  • the value, relevance and limitations of different approaches that link the hydrological, ecological and socioeconomic aspects, especially integration paradigms such as Bayesian networks, agent-based models, Artificial Intelligence methods, coupling of complex spatio-temporal models, and hybrid models;
  • the prescription and representation of major drivers, and subsequent pressures in integrated models, including global change scenarios and policy and management interventions;
  • techniques for identification, ranking and quantification of vulnerability, risk, sensitivities and uncertainties in the whole IA and/or IWRM process;
  • the handling, management and communication of uncertainties;
  • methods and protocols of stakeholder and decision maker involvement, including input to the modelling process and product;
  • the development and use of software platforms and decision support systems to streamline the modelling and engagement process.

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