Myths and realities to get efficiency in Water Supply systems

Francisco Cubillo

Francisco Cubillo is Deputy Director of Research Development and Innovation in Canal de Isabel II ( public owned company responsible of the whole water cycle in Madrid Region ). He Chairs the IWA Specialist Group on Efficient Urban Water management and is memeber of IWA Strategic Council. In Spanish Water services Associacion he chairs the committee on Research Development and Innovation. He has more than 30 years of experience in Water resources and Water services management.


Efficiency is a special need in water systems and technology is a key element to reach it. Enabling technologies like GIS, Network mathematic models, SCADAs, smart metering and saving equipment are implemented at different stages in many urban water supply systems. There is no doubt about their positive contribution to their improvement but this contribution is, very often, very different than the expected when their implementation was decided. A review of theoretical benefits and real difficulties and constraints to use them in efficiency policies in urban water supply systems will be presented .

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